Hello again,

As we approach the downhill run to Christmas I am pleased to report that we are maintaining large fields of bowlers even though most visitors have departed. The club is grateful to all members who fill our greens, purchase raffle tickets and/or purchase drinks at the bar.

It was wonderful to see the many helpers who turned out to work on the front green last Monday. I called in to say hello and marvelled at the strenuous effort being put in by all; it’s not as though we are a club of young 20 year olds! (Please don’t take that the wrong way as it’s meant as a pun). On behalf of the entire club I say a huge thankyou to those 15 -18 men who gave up their time to assist.

Mixed pair championships continue to be played and most participants appear happy enough to organise together when they will play. It has been difficult to organise around Div 1 men’s zone final commitment but no one is complaining because we are so proud our Div 1 men won the right to participate.

Speaking of which, Dayboro hosted Div 1 yesterday and huge congratulations go to our men’s teams who won round one against Pine Rivers 61-54 and put up a magnificent fight to lose round 2 to Enoggera 78-44. Thank you once more to our ever present commentator Heather and those of you who went to support.

Dates to remember:

Sunday 13/10, next Sunday, 10am start – Club Maroochy invites all members to participate in a fun game of 3 bowl triples followed by a barbecue lunch paid for by the club as a Thank you to your commitment throughout the past year. Please put your names down on the games sheet in the foyer and we look forward to seeing many of you next Sunday.

18/10 – club Mixed Fours Championships close. To be played Sat and Sun 2nd and 3rd Nov.

19/10 – Div 2 men play zone finals in Pine Rivers. The more supporters able to go the better!

01/11 – triples nominations close; to be played on 16 and 17th November.

5/11 – Melbourne Cup at the club. Get your names down now and enjoy an awesome day of festivities! More information on club FB page.

Following are dates for Bruce Thomas sponsored days in December. We thank Bruce for his generosity throughout the year.

  • Thursday 5th December + $250
  • Monday 9th December + $250
  • Wednesday 11th December + $250
  • Friday 13th December + $500

8/12 – Club Maroochy trophy presentation day. Morning bowls followed by Chinese lunch.

17/12 – Presidents’ Day – inaugural event hosted by Club Maroochy; stay tuned for more info from President Kasper.

This will be my last Sharings until Steve and I return from South Australia in December. In the meantime, catch up on club news via our FB page and newsletter. Looking forward to seeing all of you at Trophy day in December.

BTW, Vice President Martie may need help in my absence so please let her know if you are available. Many thanks.


*Don’t you think that’s a great mantra for the club?

Definition of Mantra is ‘a statement or slogan repeated frequently’. I would love to see this slogan picked up and used by the club! What do you think?