Hi all,

I have to say how wonderful it felt on Friday after a week away, when I walked into our club and heard the laughter and happy chatter of members gathered for Friday afternoon bowls. This frivolity is not contained to Friday only, but all days on which bowls are played.

Although I am a relatively new bowler and member of Club Maroochy it is evident to me that the fellowship of our club is extraordinary in that the club is a community within itself that provides a hub for friendship and shared stories. For many the club is their family.

Over the past months we have welcomed new and long standing members and an abundance of visitors to the club; and our high number of sponsored days, along with regular days, has been welcomed by all. A reminder to get your names down swiftly on timesheets as the sheets fill very quickly.

Yesterday afternoon saw the club filled with pennant teams who had represented the club in week three of the annual pennant competition. While many teams were victorious, those who were not were more than happy for their winning mates, and all enjoyed a few drinks together in good spirit.

Ladies results saw Div 1 and Div 6 ‘high fiving’ their win and Div 2 and Div 5 holding their heads high determined to return next week to look for a win. Jan Sullivan’s team won the bonus prize of the day. Apparently they won by one shot, the win coming from Jan’s last bowl. Well done everyone for your keen participation in all four divisions.

I am not sure if all members are aware of a ballot running to determine an end of year trophy presentation event. A Facebook poll/message was issued on 5/08 which is current until 22/08. For members who do not use FB , I suggest you ask Mel to record your individual vote. Please lodge your preference between a Christmas smorgasbord dinner, combined trophy presentation evening at the club, which is a new format, or the usual morning bowls followed by a barbecue and trophy presentation. This is a time of recognition to all members who have participated in, and won, an annual event for 2019 and an opportunity for all members to come together to celebrate a successful year for Club Maroochy. Please vote your preference.

Many thanks to all the hard working members of our club who turn up each week in order to organise bowls games which are enjoyed by all. We thank you for your time and effort.

Until next week….. happy bowling 😃