GREENS REPORT December 2022

Green 1

I am very impressed with the progress of the green.The coverage is excellent other than three small areas that have behind all along. These spots are covering and improving all the time and I expect 100% coverage in another 10 to 15 days.

Considering the large volume of barefoot bowls functions booked throughout December, and the potential of damage to a fresh surface, I have decided to recommence play on the green at the beginning of January.

The ditch face covering has been ordered and should arrive by the end of the week and will be installed asap.

Green 2

There has been some improvement in the health of the grass from recent fertilizing and rain.  The downside to that is the areas affected by ground pearl have become really evident. I have seen ground pearl in large numbers all around the thin areas. The green is still playable and acceptable for barefoot bowls but far from the level I am trying to achieve.

Renovation will commence the day green 1 is available for play.

Green 3

I am very pleased with the progress of green 3.

It runs at a decent pace most of the time and the grass is handling all traffic.

I am very unimpressed with myself for spot spraying fungicide onto around 20 spots which had fungi spots flaring up. I sprayed these spots with over concentrated fungicide. The good thing is the fungi is dead but so is the grass. I expected it the grass to regenerate by now but frustratingly, it has not. Some people have suggested it is the result of ground pearl damage, but I can assure everybody it is not. I have been constantly watching for any activity of the ground pearl on both greens 1 & 3 without seeing a single one. Considering the large numbers observed on green 2, surely if they were there, I would have seen one.

 In general Ian has the gardens looking fantastic as always and the club is looking neat and tidy