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GR8’s Finals Sun 28th March – Mooloolaba

DIV 1 win Final by Forfeit!

Due to an unfortunate dispute within Nambour ranks; their Div1 players refused to play the match.

  • Richard Scott  & John Jones (Pairs)
  • Danny Crameri; Eddie Whiteside; Grant Howard; Roger Manning (Fours)
  • Paul Newman& Tim Parry (Pairs)

The side had a comfortable win in Semi against Buderim and were ready to play the final.

Apologies for no photo; due to circumstances the presentation was very early and the photograph not available at time of publication.

DIV 5 – Black & Orange

Div 5 Orange receive Winners trophy

Peter Fisher; Dennis Kelly; Jim Dowd; Dennis McManus; Don Meares; Paul Warren; Peter Wright; Nick Kurtz.

Div 5 Black receive Runner-up trophy

Steve Cornish; John Lawrence; Rick Paris; Ian Dufty; Lex Lowry; Tony Pluck; John Dufty; Kevin Jones (absent); Dennis Plate (reserve – absent)