From Club Maroochy Bowls Committee

To All Bowling Members

After receiving information re not enough ladies names down for GR8 and, also not many division one men names.

 The bowls committee feels that some members are causing dissention within the club.

The Bowls Committee decided in April 2022 not to enter the Q7’s as their double headed dates cause too much of a problem with running of Club Championships. GR8’s also causes minor problems but is the lesser of the two evils. Q7’s is run in the Brisbane area and worked around their own competitions, not the Sunshine Coast, and plays from the 4th February through to the 30th April if you get to the finals (inclusive of 6 weekends of double header games).

 Below is the committee members present at the above mentioned meeting.

Present at Bowls Committee Meeting of the 7th April 2022

Presidents John Duthie and Janine Munday, Vice President Bede Connelly,

Secretary Dot Castles, Games Room Controller Dave Shaw, Umpire Co-ordinator Sherrin Warren, Coach Co -ordinator Fred Saunders, Ladies Selection Chair Sandi Laidlaw, Men’s Selector Bruce Thomas, Board Representative Barb Styles and Bar Manager Troy Somerville.

We understand that some members wish to play in the Q7’s but they should not push their agenda on to other people. If members wish to play in the Q7’s they may do so at their own expense, but they also must decide which competition is more important to them when it is time to nominate for Club Championships.

Members should consider all the time and effort that the bowls committee puts in trying to work out the Club Calendar for the year so that we can finalize the Championships before due dates of Champion of Club Champions and other Bowls Australia, Bowls Queensland and District Championships and Events. Out of courtesy, Clubs should not run any events against another District Club or Bowls Australia, Bowls Queensland or Men and Ladies District.

Because of the complaints we had playing championships under lights, the decision was made to play all Championships on Sundays. If members had agreed to playing some of the championships under lights, there would not have been a problem working out the calendar dates


Dot Castles

Bowls Committee Secretary

11th November 2022