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Resuming Bowls

This is a copy of a letter I sent to my Bowling Club.

For your interest only.

I also sent a copy to Bowls Australia who are looking into it as a possibility.

Hi all,

We are looking ahead to the time when restrictions may be eased. I presume this will be on a sliding scale, with practice allowed as the first tier.

But social distancing will still apply. So practice will be limited to ONE bowler per rink.


Can I suggest:

Using 144 bowlers over 6 days of the week (Mondays clear for maintenance.)


144 bowlers = 24 bowlers per day.


Have 3  two-hour timeslots, e.g.  9am-11am,  12 noon – 2pm,  3pm-5pm.

That is only 8 bowlers on the green per timeslot. (1 bowler per rink)


That means every bowler gets a 2 hour practise slot each week, at a specific time, so the greens will not be overloaded.



Tuesday, Alphabetically, the first 8 members have 9-11am, the second 8 have 12-2pm and the third 9 members have 3-5pm.

Wednesday the next 25 are allotted similarly and so on.


If more practise time is needed, the second green could be opened thus making 48 bowlers per day, and giving each bowler two practice slots per week, (4 hours available for each bowler).



 What do you think?