Presidents Pen

I don,t have a lot to talk about this week folks. Pennants yesterday had mixed results in the lower divisions, but Div 1 had a great win over Pelican Waters at home in front of a enthusiastic crowd. That should see them on top after 3 rounds, that s great. The Ekka 4’s; Dave Shaw’s baby, went well.  5 teams ended with a clean sheet after the count back, poor old Birthday Boy,s team(Dave Shaw) were 5th. Damn, they only paid to 4th. Next year mate.

Only 4 more days before the ballot closes for your choice of Presentation of Trophies. Opinions are once again, 1 is normal presentation day or 2 Dinner/Xmas party at night with guest presenters. Register your vote at the club ok.

That,s all I’ve got for you this week, happy bowling. Kasper.