Constitution & By-Laws :

Download a copy of Club Maroochy Constitution & By-Laws

Bowls Membership :

You’ve tried our great game during barefoot or corporate bowls events and now you want to get serious about the game.  Perhaps you’ve had a bit of coaching from one of our dedicated team and you’ve discovered our well-kept secret – that bowls is a challenging, competitive game that can quickly become an addiction as well as an enormously satisfying and enjoyable sport – and not just for the “oldies”.

Or you are one of the “oldies” who wants to keep active and try a new challenge.  Perhaps you’ve been a golfer or tennis player and the physical aspects of those sports is too much of a challenge – then bowls is the game for you.

Whether you just want to have a weekly friendly game with good friends or you want to challenge yourself, practice and become as good as you can be, then this sport offers it all.  Enjoy good companionship with great people in a friendly club environment – and at very affordable prices by today’s standards.

To get involved just download your Membership Application Form.
Note – this is a 2 part form and both parts must be completed.

Social Membership :

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Classes of Membership :

  • Bowls Members:  They shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Club and shall be entitled to be present, debate and vote at General Meetings of the Club.
    • Bowls Dual Members: A person may be a dual member (i.e. a member of more than one (1) club) provided they satisfy the criteria set out by Club By-Laws.
      A dual member is NOT entitled to all the rights and priveleges of a Bowls Member.
  • Life Members:  A member who has rendered exceptional service to the Club.  They shall be entitled to all the privileges of Bowls Members.
  • Junior Members:  Persons under the age of 18 years. They shall not be permitted (under any circumstances) to be sold, supplied or allowed to consume alcohol or tobacco products on Club premises, or engage in any form of gaming activities.
  • Temporary Members:  A person who meets the following criteria may apply for Temporary membership of the Club:
    * Is an Interstate visitor; an intrastate visitor; or an Overseas visitor.
    * Is a financial member (in good standing) of a Bowls Club or Bowls Authority; affiliated with  BA or WB.
    * Temporary members may participate in organised social bowls but may not take part in any Inter-Club matches or club championships.
  • Social Members: Social Members may not take part in the Game of Lawn Bowls within the Club unless invited on a special occasion such as a bowls promotion.