Club Championship Entry Form

l/we being Financial Member/s of this Club, agree to the Conditions of Play adopted by the Controlling Body and nominate for the following event. {one event per form}

Championship Game
  • - select an option -
  • Fours [21 ends]
  • Triples 2B [25 ends]
  • Pairs [21 ends]
  • Mixed Pairs [21 ends]
  • "B" Pairs [21 ends]
  • Singles [25 shots up]
  • "B" Singles [25 shots up]
  • Novice Singles [25 shots up]
  • Consistency [100 up]
  • Veterans
- Players -
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  • - select an option -
  • Singles
  • Pairs
  • Triples
  • Fours
Event Date


1. Games shall be conducted strictly in accordance with the "Laws of the Sport of Bowls” Crystal Mark Edition with Domestic Regulations for Australia, Bowls Queensland By-laws and the Conditions of play.
2. A copy of the conditions of Play shall be posted on the Notice Board and are also available by request to the Secretary of the Bowls Committee and on Club Maroochy Website.
3. It is the responsibility of players to check the Notice Board to ascertain when they are set down to play.
4. Conditions of Play shall be: - Play, Substitute or Forfeit on or before the set date. A minimum of seven(7) days notice of play dates and times shall be given by posting on Notice Board.(Date and time of posting shalt be on such notice)
5. Players may play at any time before the set date by mutual arrangement on any normal playing day, subject to prior notification to the Games Coordinator who will notify the greenkeeper and umpire
6. Players entered into any championships run by Bowls Australia, Bowls Queensland or SCDLBA/SCDMBA may be allowed leeway, but the onus is on the player/s concerned to inform the Games coordinator, in writing at least 14 days before schedule start for such event.
7. No play permitted before scheduled start of championship.
8. All Championships MUST be completed